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SHARPE Festival

After flattering reactions of fans and music professional community to the first edition, SHARPE festival 2019 comes up with full info about the festival program. More info on


SHARPE festival & conference | 26th a 27th April 2019 @ Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava

IMPORTANT INFO: You can leave your wallets and coins at home this year as SHARPE festival will be the first music event in Slovakia to go completely cashless. All you need to bring along is your debit/credit card.


▪︎ Ventolin (CZ) ▪︎ Katarzia & Pjoni ▪︎ Trupa Trupa (PL) ▪ FVLCRVM live ▪︎ Catastrofy ▪︎ JAAA (PL) ▪︎ TENTS (AT) ▪︎ Darkness Positive ▪︎ Sisa Fehér & Vladko Mikláš ▪︎ Market (CZ) ▪︎ Giungla (IT) ▪︎ Our Stories ▪︎ Ondrej Zajac ▪︎ nvmeri ▪︎ Melby (SE) ▪︎ Luvver ▪︎ The Sweet Release of Death (NL) ▪︎ Möbius ▪︎ dné (CZ) ▪︎ Samuel Hošek ▪︎ Melt Downer (AT) ▪︎ Blame Your Genes ▪︎ Bellchild (DE) ▪︎ Shallov ▪︎ Herzog Herzog ▪︎ MOLLY (AT) ▪︎ Ptakh_Jung (UA) ▪︎ Detekm ▪︎ Nina Pixel ▪︎ Scalping (UK) ▪︎ KUENTA (NL) ▪︎ MounQup (ES) ▪︎ Bert & Friends (CZ) ▪︎ Urbanfailure ▪︎ Genuine Jacks ▪︎ Koala Voice (SI) ▪︎ Walter Schnitzelsson


▪︎ management workshop with Peterom Jennerom (first manager of Pink Floyd) ▪︎ presentation by Pohoda Festival “How To Make a Festival in 60 minutes” ▪︎ Introduction to publishing by Sarah Chanderia (USA) ▪︎ international concert strategies ▪︎ mental health of musicians ▪︎ zero-waste music festivals ▪︎ networking with Austrian and Slovenian music scene and more


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