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Street Food Park vol. 51

You can have a great meal in the Old Market Hall also the sixth month of this year

During four days, the Juney edition of Street Food Park in Bratislava’s Old Town will offer the opportunity to enjoy great street food in an unique atmosphere. This time it brings not only popular fix stars, but also several new products. Look forward to delicacies from all of the world.

Once a month, Street Food Park brings to the square in front of the Old Market Hall and to its interior retailers with quality and imaginative street food. In a pleasant atmosphere and “standing” you can enjoy lunch, late snack or strengthen yourselves in front of the evening program in the city. In addition, Street Food Park has a Zero Waste philosophy.

Daily Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 10 p.m., you will find vendors with burgers, hot dogs, wraps, Slovak “párance”, stuffed “trdelník” spit cakes, “hiadlovec” and “lepenec” cheeses, gluten-free meals, coffee, chocolate, Old Town Hall soda, apple ciders, wines from Svätý Jur and various other delicacies.

Street Food Park respects nature, all waste is separated and recycled here. There are 2 recyclation points with assistents, who will instruct you how to sort the waste into the right bins. At the same time, they use biodegradable cutlery and dishes to serve foods. You won’t find any plastic cutlery here.


Even at the fourth Street Food Park this year, you can’t miss the Trhance jak párance, which, in addition to traditional fruit flavors, have prepared e.g. “párance” with baked potatoes, cream and bacon or “párance” with breadcrumbs. On Wednesday you can also look forward to their limited poppy seeds and cherries special.

It’s about 10,000 kilometers to Brazil, but the Cariocas boys will do you a favor. Just come to the square in front of the Old Market Hall and you can taste the recipes directly from the heart of this great country. The choux pastry filled with chicken breast, cheese cream and a mixture of herbs and spices, orange flavored bean ragout with pork tenderloin, sausage and bacon, in manioc flour wrapped and fried sous vide wings or vegan whipped cream with passion fruit will be in the offer.

Bao Brothers will also appear at the nearest Street Food Park. They prepare traditional bao in the form of slow cooked pork belly, homemade BBQ sauce, pickled cucumber, fresh coriander and crushed peanuts, chicken bao with fried marinated chicken thigh, homemade eggless mayonnaise flavored with garlic and green chili peppers, fresh coriander and pickled red onion, but also vegan bao with grilled slice of smoked tofu, vegan miso mayonnaise, vegetables pickled in homemade elderflower vinegar, fried borecole crisps and fresh chives.

At Street Food Park, the king’s BBQ and King’s Beef burgers are already sharpened with knives, you bring napkins so you have something to wipe your hands with after juicy meat. In addition to their BBQ plate full of pork ribs, shredded beef back and shredded pork shoulder, you will be able to enjoy a burger with shredded beef, fig mayonnaise, borecole, beetroot, Balkan cheese and glazed bacon, pork ribs with pickled vegetables, burger with shredded beef, shredded bacon, cheddar cheese, onion, cucumber, salad and beefking mayonnaise or french fries with torn pork, field fry, BBQ sauce, beefking mayonnaise and deep-fried onions. The napkin’s not just for hands, is it?

Kaliforňan will offer you the opportunity to mix ingredients into a bowl according to your taste and current offer. This way you can combine glazed beetroot, borecole with bacon, pea puree, peanut keloslaw and dozens of other delicacies. Vegetarian, chicken and beef bowls will also be waiting for you and, exceptionally, turkey and pork. The Majstri haluškári will bring years of proven master sheep cheese dumplings with roasted bacon, “strapačky” with sauerkraut or vegetarian beet dumplings with goat cheese, pear and sprinkled with chives and walnuts.

Street pancakes served by Petite Crêperie can be enjoyed salty, sweet and with an interesting combination of flavors. For example, try banana and nutella, chestnut puree, dark chocolate and berries, lotus cream, strawberries, strawberry jam and Lutheran, goat cheese, chorizo and spring onions, cheddar, roasted prosciutto, beans and corn, or guacamole, feta cheese and chili. The popular MumBhai Express stand in India serves carnivores, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free people. They will prepare fresh butter chicken, vegan samosa bags, mango lassi drink, as well as Indian Paneer cheese cooked in a traditional sauce with peas or handmade sweet balls flavored with saffron, rose water and pistachios.


Join the fans of good food! Help the square in front of the Old Market Hall getting back to its original genius loci, support the local gastronomy and also have a great meal.

Come to enjoy the good mood and food to the next Street Food Park of this year. And what does summer mean to it? It’s schmarn, gnocchi, burgers, paellas, indie, pancakes, beer, cider, wine, prosecco and many other delicacies. The festival of local chefs, handmade food and drinks in returnable glasses will welcome you at the square in front of the Old Market Hall from 15 to 18 June. Do not let anything stop you to enjoy pleasant moments with food and music.

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