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Works of design for children in socialist Czechoslovakia

The exhibition prepared by the Slovak National Museum and the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague presents works in the field of furniture design, toys and utility graphics for children of preschool and younger school age in socialist Czechoslovakia.

Many of the exhibited works of twenty designers, especially wooden and textile toys and furniture sets were preserved only in the form of prototypes and never entered mass production. Nationalized production could not respond adequately to the wishes and needs of customers, and high-quality and interesting designs, tailor-made for children, remained in the drawers of designers or research institutions.

The second group of exhibits consists of plastic toys, toys, paper cutouts and children’s books, which, although you could normally buy them in shops, but their design is so exceptional that it would not be possible to present works for children in Czechoslovakia  from the 1950s to the 1980s without them.