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The mining dwarf of Pezinok

The well-known wine-growing town has a lesser-known, but centuries-old mining tradition

The Little Carpathian Geopark hides many secrets. One of them is also a creature of mining dwarf, emblazoned with legends. Come to the subregion under Little Carpathians to unveil its secrets, discover together the beauty of the underground and spend beautiful summer days.

A pleasant wine town is not only about wine and wine-growing tradition. Also this year, collectors from Slovakia and abroad will meet there. Once again, you can come to Pezinok to enjoy the beauty of minerals, fossils, precious stones or jewellery and to be drawn into the wealth of our Earth, the skills of our ancestors and workmanship of their children.


Traditionally, every year in August The mining dwarf of Pezinok comes to the premises of the Pezinok Cultural Centre with a presentation of the most beautiful things the earth gave out of its mysterious treasury. You can admire the jewels from the collections of Slovak and foreign collectors or exhibit your own showpieces for admiration and assessment by the laic or professional public.

This fascinating exhibition is accompanied by an elaborate collector’s market, where you can buy some of the jewel yourselves, exchange or consult about it and learn a little more from experienced collectors. The rich accompanying programme is for everyone and includes traditional street gold mining, where children and adults can try how difficult it can be to mint even a piece of gold, but also a music programme and performances of various groups, fascinating exhibitions, theater and creative workshops for children.


The atmosphere of the gold rush on Klondik will also remind you of another edition of street gold mining in Slovakia, which has become an equally traditional part of The mining dwarf of Pezinok. Many a child will walk home with a dreamy gaze after gold-digging and read adventure books from the Wild West in the evenings.

The mining dwarf of Pezinok has a long tradition and this summer will start its 26th year. In addition to a number of fascinating exhibitions, where visitors discover the charm of the most beautiful thing the country has issued, the Mining dwarf also brings a sales market attended by exhibitors and sellers not only from Slovakia, but also from Czechia, Poland, Hungary or Germany. Many of them are passionate collectors and travellers and you can learn from them all kinds of interesting mineralogical topics.


You will find rare pieces from all over the world, about which you will find interesting information, places where they discovered them, and for those who would like to go more deeply also about their effects and use in everyday life. From the market fair you can also take away beautiful pieces in the form of minerals and fossils, as well as jewelry made of these precious stones.

These three August days also include a manifold cultural programme, which is why the exhibition is suitable for all ages. Everyone will find something for themselves, whether it be a small explorer of the mysteries of minerals, a lady who will want to enlarge the collection of her jewelry, or an enthusiastic collector of unworked stones or one who is fascinated by fossils that are millions of years old. It can also be a group of friends who want to enjoy the summer atmosphere with pleasant music, enjoy quality wine, choose something for themselves from the accompanying programme and forget about everyday worries. There is nothing more beautiful than to pause time for a while and enjoy the charm of the present moment, which can also bring time spent with the Mining dwarf.

He tries to bring something new every year so that visitors can experience new experiences and leave the exhibition enriched with new knowledge. The organizers prepare various exhibitions related to mining and mineralogical themes, exhibitions of photographs from roads, which were created, for example, in search of rare pieces, agate cutting demonstrations, film demonstrations from the life of miners, interesting lectures, tastings of quality Pezinok wine, performances of mining associations, various competitions for children and adults. Also every year, they honour the memory of the victims of the mining calamities at the mining cart, which is also a symbol of their respect for all those who work or have worked in the mine, so that we all appreciate their demanding profession more, for which few can see behind the curtain.


The Little Carpathian exhibition and the market of minerals, fossils and precious stones gives space especially for getting to know the stone beauty not only from Slovakia, but also from the whole world. At the same time, it enables the exchange of collectors’ experience of domestic and foreign exhibitors. The exhibition was created in 1996 in order to follow the mining traditions of Pezinok. Three years later, the first year of street gold mining took place, which has been a great attraction since then. The exhibition is organised by Barbora NGO annually within three August days. Various competitions for children and adults, agate cutting, film demonstrations from the life of miners, city roasting, good music or tasty Pezinok wine are a guarantee that The mining dwarf of Pezinok will permanently enter your hearts and every year you will look forward to meeting him.

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