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Unspoken Letter

Encountering Paulina Masevnina and Adam Michálek’s exhibition, you may be surprised to see out in the open what normally takes place in privacy

Imagine that: a man and woman lit by red lights, revealing submission and dominance. Dressed in harnesses and fishnets, they remain mostly still.

With slow movements, they change various positions: this is simply amorous exhibitionism, a loosely choreographed presentation by performers, who create tension between themselves, and mirror this tension to the audience and photographers, who become a part of the performance just by voyeuristically gazing and recording.

Masevnina and Michálek titled Unspoken letter as tribute to Gaspar Noé and his work with choreography, light, atmosphere and an almost druggy experience.

They model the choreography and stage design into a space satisfying their needs of intimacy, detail, and passion. The piece, ever transforming, reveals parts of the artist’s ex-lovers, current affairs, future marriages.

Through only nonverbal communication the artists leave space for the audience to interpret the piece based on their own experience and the presence they co-create. They bring a feeling of unbelonging, lost connections to body, a loss of sexuality, and present a situation, where the body rejects sensuality and becomes a manifesto in space, rather than an object of desire.


Since 2017, Masevnina and Michálek portray intimacy and physicality, stemming from their expressive voice, brave to open up about unconditional love, burning passion, romantic relationships past, sexual and verbal abuse, rape or domestic violence — all in an uncensored stream of emotion and visuality.