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Cruise on the Danube – Bratislava circuit

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure that will take you to Bratislava and its fascinating surroundings. SPaP-LOD travel agency offers regular speedboat cruises. The Bratislava circuit is a panoramic cruise under the Bratislava bridges with unusual views of the city from the deck of a sightseeing boat. Boat departures are directly from the Personal Port, located just a few steps from the historic center of Bratislava. Let yourself be carried away by the waves of the Danube, where the beauty of nature merges with your joy.

Cruises on the Danube start from 01.07.2023 to 22.10.2023.

10:30 – Bratislava circuit
12:30 – Bratislava circuit
15:30 – Bratislava circuit
18:00 – Bratislava circuit


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