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Lights Talk

A unique light exhibition called Lights Talk with more than 400,000 lamps has arrived in Slovakia. An exclusive exhibit is the Bratislava Castle with 13,680 lights.

The first light park in Slovakia opened on November 16 in Petržalka at the race track, which lit up more than 400,000 lights . The light exhibition offers visitors more than 45 light installations, a light tunnel, interactive light photo frames, an 8-meter Christmas tree and an exclusive light imitation of Bratislava Castle made of 13,680 lights . The light exhibition Lights Tell, which carries the message of “light against darkness”, is the work of the Decoled company and is open to the public until the end of January 2024, every day from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online or at the venue.

The organizer of the exhibition, Decoled, tries to bring something specific to each exhibition location in the given area. That is why a special light installation of the Bratislava Castle consisting of 13,680 LED lamps is part of the light park in Bratislava. There will be various interactive light photo frames, a light chair and a light tunnel, which call out for a Christmas photo. Since the exhibition is installed on the race track, it is a matter of course that there is also a beautiful horse over two meters high, there will be a messenger of Christmas, an angel, an 8-meter Christmas tree, a large Christmas present, snowflakes and various animals.

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