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Mikrozvuk #41: Les Halles + Roy Werner

The Mikrozvuk #41 will feature musicians Les Halles and Roy Werner.

Les Halles:

Renowned for his evocative musical explorations, Baptiste Martin, the French ambient artist behind Les Halles, has been weaving delicate tapestries of sound since 2012. Infusing (pan) flute melodies, ethereal field recordings, and celestial keys, Les Halles’ compositions transport listeners into a realm of contemplation and nostalgia – through hazed matrixes of fog, dust, and echo, scented with nameless dreams and past-life memories.

Roy Werner:

Roy Werner has spent a decade-plus crafting lush, labyrinthine soundscapes as G.S. Sultan. The Los Angeles-based composer’s latest body of work Imagine My Surprise is the first to be released under his given name, braiding a hazy sequence of vibraphone, bells, flute, saxophone and shapeshifting synthesizers into a sort of trickster noir, wandering a lazy path between ambient jazz and alien exotica. He has released work internationally with imprints including Moon Glyph, Mondoj, Orange Milk and Phinery.


  • 19:30 Dvere
  • 20:00 Roy Werner
  • 20:45 Les Halles

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