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Mikrozvuk #45: Raphael Rogiński + PoPol Noci

Mikrozvuk #45 will feature musicians Raphael Rogiński and PoPol Noci.

Raphael Rogiński:

Raphael Rogiński is a Polish guitarist, composer and performer, improviser, cultural animator and researcher of musical folklore. Trained in jazz and classical music, he expanded his education to include musicology and ethnomusicology, his interests ranging widely, as heard on innumerable group and ensemble projects. Notable solo releases include 2015’s Raphael Roginski plays John Coltrane and Langston Hughes African mystic music, or Talán, of which Pitchfork writes “there is a numinous power in his instrumental songs – enchanted, uncanny, swarming with ghosts.”

PoPol Noci:

PoPol Noci are ::.: and plvsvtl. ::.: is the co-founder of LOM label, associated with projects Poo, Amen Tma and Angakkut, operating on the intersection of modular synthesis, psychedelia, post-spectralist drone and fascination with spectral geometry. plvsvtl is a translator and the editor-in-chief of the platform for contemporary poetry Psi vino, in PoPol Noci she plays the synthesizers.


  • 19:30 Doors
  • 20:00 Raphael Rogiński
  • 20:45 PoPol Noci

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