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MyBeat Summer Cruises – Aloha Edition: Drahosh + Elsy + more

5-hour unique party cruise on the Danube on the boat Harmónia.

On Saturday June 22, MyBeat Summer Cruises will take place. Martin Cehelsky, Drahosh and Elsy invite on the second cruise of the year, which will be a real summer cruise. After the success of the past years, they are repeating the Aloha edition and that means that at the end of June the summer and the heat will be celebrated with an edition full of Hawaiian outfits, palm trees, extravaganzas and drinks. On deck with sets from Martin Cehelsky, Drahosh, Elsy and guest – Yuhøs


  • Otec Mirec
  • Drahosh
  • Elsy
  • Martin Cehelsky
  • Yuhøs

Dresscode: Hawaii

18 +

The passenger shall respect the instructions and orders of the crew members of the vessel, which are directed to ensure his/her safety and the safety of other passengers or the safety and smooth operation of the vessel.

The captain is entitled to exclude from carriage persons who are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances and whose behaviour is a public nuisance, may endanger order, property on board the ship or the life and health of passengers and crew members.

Boarding the Harmony: 1 Fajnorovo nábrežie. Embarkation from 16:00 to 16:45.

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