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Roman Games and Limes Day Bratislava 2018

Roman games focus on a dance as a noble artistic expression of motion. Moreover, the games will introduce other aspects of Roman life as well – legionaries, gladiators, clothing, art. The games will take place at Gerulata. Thanks to the information technology visitors will be able to get to know Rome better. The technology will be also used during games. The event offers several sport categories with 3 evaluations of sports performance. The prizes are really attractive!

Limes Day comes with a rich sports program and acrobatic performances. Those who love adrenaline can sail the Danube or follow footsteps of Romans on a bike. A visit to Carnuntum using Archeobus is a must for every history enthusiast.

The Roman military camp in Rusovce, the Gerulata Castellum, is a national cultural monument. In the first centuries AD, the camp was part of the northern border of the Roman Empire, the so-called Limes Romanus. It stretches throughout Europe – from northern Britain to the Balkans. Its length is around 3,000 km.

Place: Bratislava – Rusovce

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