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Romantic opera Hubička [The Kiss]

Based on a true story the opera is a passionate and touching celebration of love

Lukáš, a young widower with a child, was to marry Vendulka, but they are both stubborn. As soon as they met, they argued about a little kiss, which Vendulka, out of piety to the deceased, didn’t want to give to Lukáš before the wedding. Therefore, Lukáš deliberately came under Vendulka’s windows with the girls to humiliate his sweetheart. However, he regretted his action and apologised to Vendulka. She forgave him and wanted to prove him right, but Lukáš refused the kiss that time. Eventually, they fell into each other’s arms.

Get the tickets. The opera is in Czech language with English subtitles. Suitable for children from 10 yrs old.