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The Little Prince Exhibition

Literary classics come to life in unique illustrations, literally! Czech artist Eliška Podzimková has prepared an interactive exhibition like you’ve never seen before! Experience the original interpretation of the thoughts of the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who said: “Only children know what they are looking for.” Become a child for a moment and come to find the little prince inside you

Photos from “space” Iceland, in which evocative cartoon ideas of the artist Eliška Podzimková are printed, came to life for the first time in the Czech Republic during the Little Prince exhibition. Now the project is coming to Bratislava. Thanks to modern technology and augmented reality, visitors can move the illustrations and follow the individual parts of Exupéry’s story on their phones or tablets. Magic!

Let your imagination guide you and live intense interactive experiences, for example on a station made of lava sand or on crawling tongues of fragrant fog! “The goal of the exhibition is to create the magical world of the Little Prince, which affects not only the eyes, but also other human senses. It offers visitors the opportunity to leave everyday reality and return to their childhood, at least for a while,” reveals Eliška Podzimková.

The exhibition will include several interactive installations, so you can listen to the Little Prince audiobook in the comfort of a tent and create a shadow play. Those who are not afraid can explore the inside of the giant egg with their hands and feel the animal that lives in it, and if they feel like it, draw it afterwards. And small children can run around on the wooden bouncer in the shape of a fox.

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