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Urban Market – Winter Edition

Urban Market is a unique, cultural and social event that combines a lively design market of contemporary artistic and creative creations, a presentation of locally produced professional fashion, design and art, as well as a varied accompanying programme, creative activities and creative people from different sectors of the arts in one place at one time.

Treasure combines mystery, adventure and excitement, the desire to seek and discover what has value. What is Urban Market’s greatest treasure? Local creativity and the people who create and inspire the rest of us. The talent and work hidden behind every product and design. Visitors who have the desire to discover and support what is unique and original.

This time Urban Market is held in an architectural gem – the bank building at Štúrova 5. The building is defined by beautiful details, a lavish entrance and quality craftsmanship at a level that is unparalleled today. According to the authors of the publication Modern Bratislava 1918-1939, in an architectural competition announced in 1921, the contemporary public was most impressed by the proposal of the Czech architect Jiří Kroha, who designed the building in the rondo-cubist style. The legendary Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič was also a participant.

However, the equally important Alexander Skutecký, who approached the assignment pragmatically, prevailed. He correctly guessed that the timeless representative classical style would be the most suitable for the given function. He designed a regular stone façade for the building, which he decorated with antique elements, rounded off the corner and gave the building a solemnity worthy of this type of institution. The bank was completed in 1923 and blended well into its surroundings. To this day it remains one of the most attractive buildings in the city centre.

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Treasures are not just hidden in the vaults. You’ll discover them at Urban Market (Winter Edition) too!
You can look forward to a traditionally curated sales showcase of local independent fashion, design and art, coupled with a host of accompanying programmes.

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Bank lobby, on the right the bank hall. Photo source