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Original Bratislava Rolls

We love stories. The one about the Bratislava rolls is really fantastic.

Bratislava’s rolls were first mentioned in 1599 in the book of Pressburg’s Bakery Guild masters. The story goes that the Bakery Guild decided on the Easter Monday that bakers who baked pretzels had to bake bajgle (old name for rolls) as well.

Photo: FantastiCo – art of food

The story

In 1836 the baker, Mr. Scheuermann, opened his own bakery that made its name thanks to delicious Bratislava rolls.

Thanks to the Western Slovak Union of Bakers, the European Union has recently granted the traditional guaranteed specialty trademark (TSG) to Bratislava rolls. Since the emergence of Bratislava rolls dates back to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, comments were also raised by Austria, Hungary and even Germany. Since the end of August 2012, when the protection came into force, the following characteristics of Bratislava rolls have been protected.


Photo: FantastiCo – art of food


120 min preparation, 12-15 min at 200 °C


300 g fine flour
300 g semi-coarse flour
5 g salt
180 g butter
2 egg yolks
40 g yeast (Fala)
60 g powdered sugar
100 ml lukewarm milk
Poppy seed filling:
200 g ground poppy seeds
80 g powdered sugar
lemon peel
1 vanilla sugar
hot as needed water
Nut filling:
100 g ground nuts
50 g powdered sugar
1 PL rum
1 vanilla sugar
hot as needed milk
2 for egg wash egg yolks


  1. Bratislava rolls bear a trademark and are classified as the traditional specialties of the region. The dough must contain 30% fat according to the weight of the flour, i.e. about 180 grams of butter per 600g of flour. Original rolls must be free of chemicals and made by hand, and only made from poppy or nut flavors, but they differ from each other in shape. Poppy-flavored rolls are shaped like horseshoes and nut-flavored like the letter C.
  2. The roll should contain at least 40% of the filling according to the weight of the dough. After the dough rises, two rolls are to be created and cut up into about 25 g pieces, made into balls and allowed to rise. Ideally the dough should be weighed so that they are the same weight. I started with great excitement and wanted to freeze them. But I had visitors, so I rushed, the theory and practice are somewhat different. I rolled the dough, chopped and shaped the nut-flavored ones into the letter C…..
  3. And poppy-flavored ones into horseshoe shapes….. and no balls or decorating. I can’t turn away visitors and the dough won’t wait, so I had to do it fast….. Add a little bit of milk to the yolks, scramble, spread on the pastry and put them in a draft for half an hour until they dry. Then transfer them into heat to rise; that’s when the cracked glaze is formed. I meant to add egg wash twice, because I like a lot of cracks, but……
  4. I formed the fillings into a roller and prepared it as a reserve. I took a piece of the filling, made a ball, wrapped in cane sugar and shaped. But the stuffing must be formable, i.e. dense. Just once I made a thinner filling and the rolls cracked. So now you know the tricks and you will be able to bake. I baked them at 200°C for about 12 minutes.
Bratislava CARD

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