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Contemporary suvenir

Souvenir contemporary art & craft is a cafe and platform with the aim of supporting the creation of contemporary Slovak souvenirs with artistic value. A souvenir, such as a souvenir from travels, a gift abroad from Slovakia or an art object in the interior can and should have value – visual, narrative, artistic.

Souvenirs have been created in collaboration with contemporary Slovak artists and designers since 2015, as part of artist residencies in various regions of Slovakia (Čičmany, Ružomberok, Trenčín, Orava, Spiš).

The project is located in a functionalist building, built in 1931 according to the project of the prominent Slovak architect Emil Belluš, a key figure of Slovak modern architecture and functionalism. The building originally served as a stop for the propeller shuttle boat across the Danube, and it included a waiting room and ticket office. The last passenger passed through it in 2003. The building was modified to its present form by architect Ján M. Bahna, who expanded the building with a cafe section.

“Everything we do should be done with love and passion for the cause. We must always keep in mind that we are doing it for people.”

Emil Belluš (Slovak architect)