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Malewill Café Bistro

Located in one of the oldest burgher houses in Bratislava and named after a post-apolcalyptic novel..

Malewill Café Bistro is a cozy café and restaurant in the center of Bratislava’s Old Town. In addition to good food, excellent coffee, refreshing homemade lemonade and great beer, it offers its customers a pleasant environment and attentive waiters.

The café is located in one of the oldest burgher houses in Bratislava, which also houses the Municipal Office for the Protection of Monuments, thanks to which the atmosphere of the courtyard with the summer terrace is complemented, in addition to the rich greenery, by historical stone artifacts from archaeological excavations in the city of Bratislava.

” You can find a unique atmosphere that will remind you of the comfort of southern Europe next to the Tourist information center next to the Primate’s Palace. The courtyard with a terrace is a romantic and peaceful place for any meeting at any time. In our test, this establishment clearly won. Flowers and plants complete the atmosphere of the place.”

Bratislava newspaper

Why Malewill?

This world-renowned French writer’s social fiction takes place mostly in the 1970s, but ends decades later. A group of people survives the explosion of an atomic bomb thanks to a chance meeting in the deep wine cellar of the medieval castle of Malevil. Those who survived are faced with the problem of how to organize their lives in a world from which all the conveniences of civilization have disappeared…

Malewill Cafe Bistro is an idyllic place where, with a glass of wine in hand and good food on the table, you can have endless intellectual debates not only about the end of the world ;)