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Sľuk Restaurant

Taking a new approach to traditional cuisine.

With an exceptional atmosphere and taking a modern approach toward traditional regional cuisine, Sľuk Restaurant is a wonderful place far away from the city bustle, ideal for family get-togethers over a weekend lunch or business meetings during the workweek. It offers excellent accessibility with parking available for 100 cars and a simple modern interior with a touch of tradition that seats 60 people. In the summer the restaurant expands with a spacious terrace facing Rusovce Park for a further 50 people.

We offer you:

• seasonal dishes from local suppliers
• meals prepared in a clay oven
• our own baked bread and other products
• wide selection of beverages and homemade lemonades
• 100% Arabica coffee imported from Brazil and roasted in Banská Bystrica
• wine from selected producers in Slovakia

We cook from freshly harvested ingredients

Seasonal ingredients produced by local suppliers, our own fresh baked bread and other fresh products along with a wide selection of beverages and homemade lemonades all play an important role in what we serve.

• Stuffed flatbread
• Bryndza pierogies
• Handmade pasta
• Fresh fish and meat raised in Slovakia
• Goose dishes
• Traditional spreads
• Delicious homemade desserts

Food hung in a clay oven

Our concept is based around a clay oven that can accumulate a large amount of heat to reach around 480 degrees, while the oven’s great insulation keeps it warm for several hours. The food is cooked either inside the oven or skewered on especially long needles hung inside so it is exposed to heat from all sides, with no need for turning. Whether meat, fish or even vegetables, the food is ready much faster than it would be with traditional grilling, and because the food does not dry out, it remains incredibly tasty and juicy.