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Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU – SK PRES

Main information about SK PRES

Focus of the Slovak Presidency

The Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU will primarily focus on the following issues:

  • economic growth,
  • the Digital Single Market,
  • the creation of an Energy Union, migration,
  • EU enlargement.

The Slovak Presidency will foster the deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union to help increase competitiveness. Negotiations on the European Union’s budget for 2017 and the building of the Capital Markets Union will also feature high on the economic agenda.

With respect to the digital market, the Slovak Presidency will concentrate on eliminating barriers to digital economy, facilitating the use of electronic services and access to the market, availability of digital content, as well as a high level of consumer protection.

In the area of migration, the Slovak Presidency will aim, first and foremost, to secure the implementation of the EU external border protection policy and the integrity of the Schengen Area. Due attention will be paid to a positive agenda, such as the Smart Borders Package, which seeks to contribute to the fight against irregular migration and to accelerate passenger processing through the use of modern technologies.

Hotbeds of tension in the EU’s neighbourhood are also among the challenges facing the Union. As the EU’s enlargement policy represents the most effective instrument for positive change in this regard, Slovakia will work to maintain the momentum and credibility of this process.

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