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Top Running Events 2019

Running in Bratislava is not only an active relaxation in the city parks or near the Danube riverbank. Bratislava loves marathons and races. Some of them have a long tradition, some have emerged only recently. We present you a top selection of running events for 2019.

ČSOB Bratislava Marathon

ČSOB Bratislava Marathon will be held in 2019 in the traditional term – the first April weekend (06.04.-07.04.2019). Registration for individual event disciplines has already begun, and although the start of the event is still nearly five months away, the first preparatory activities for runners have started last week and more are scheduled.

Winter series:

  • 12.01.2019 – Železná  Studienka
  • 09.02.2019 – Petržalka
  • 09.03.2019 – Eurovea

The 14th ČSOB Bratislava Marathon will be held on the first April weekend (06. – 07. April 2019).

csob marathon 2019

National Run Devín – Bratislava

The first Devín run was held already in 1921 and thus it is the oldest run in Slovakia. During the initial years, the event attracted only a few runners and thousands of enthusiastic spectators. The run has always been an important event in Bratislava.

April 2019

national run devin bratislava

Run 2 Miles

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Cup Tournament: this event is for all runners; runners are split into groups only based on gender.

PLACE: Swimming pool Kuchajda, Bratislava (at the volleyball court)
TIME: start at 10 AM., preparation starts at 9:30 AM.
CATEGORIES: children, juniors, women, men, veterans (men), veterans (women)

20th January 2019

run 2 miles bratislava

Wings For Life Run

Wings for Life World Run. Everyone will make it to the finishing line!

Wings for Life World Run is a global charity event full of fun.

It’s a world-wide run where runners are chased by the finishing line.

Here’s how it works: Every year, Wings for Life World Run takes place in pre-set official locations around the world. All runners start at the same time, 1:00 PM of our time. Whether it is night or day, whether it rains or it’s shiny, you run with the whole world. At the end of the day, your name will appear on the list!

5th May 2019

run wings for life

Tvrďák (Tough man) – Cross runs

Tvrďák is not just about testing your resilience, perseverance and strength. It is also about overcoming the obstacles that life brings. leave the excuses at home and join thousands of participants who have already joined Tvrďák.

15th-16th June 2018

cross run

Baba – Kamzík Run

  • Category EASY:
    It is a category designed for those who do not feel like but want to try the BK26 track. Participants can walk, alternate between fast walking and running, those who want may take poles, take their dogs (on the leash all the time!) Category EASY is a non-competitive category.
  • Clubs and corporate teams:
    Are you the best club in Slovakia? The BK26 track is set for a race of clubs and corporate teams. The run is designed for members of the same club/ company (colleagues from work) without a gender difference
  • The Fastest Rookie:
    We are happy when people try mountain running for the first time. Therefore, we heartily welcome newcomers. If you have never been to 26 km of Baba-Kamzík run before, you can join the Fastest rookie competition.

28th April 2019

More info and registration at www.horskybeh.sk

baba kamzik run

From Tatras to Danube

From Tatras to Danube is a 345 km long relay race. 6, 9 to 12-member teams start from Jasna in the Low Tatras on Saturday afternoon and cross the finishing line on Sunday afternoon at the Danube riverbank in Bratislava. The run takes whole day and night

17th-18th August 2019

More info on the run.

od tatier k dunaju run

Telekom Night Run

Among a lot of running events night runs have gained and unique place in the past years. The night run in Bratislava became in its 10 years history one of the most popular and massive race in Slovakia with fantastic atmosphere and many spectators along the running course. The runners love it also due to its attractive course which leads through the capital city, around historical monuments, on the reconstructed Old Bridge, under the Bratislava castle and through the tram tunnel under the castle hill. In the narrow streets of the city centre the runners can enjoy a light and music show performed on 8 stages along the running course.

The 11th edition of Telekom Night Run will be held on 7th September 2019.

telekom night ruh

DM Women’s Run

The dm women´s run belongs to all girls and women who spend their leisure time active. And because it the most beautiful run in Slovakia we call the runners on this race „Running angels“. Ladies can choose between two courses, the shorter 4 km one and the longer 10 km one. Mothers with their daughters have got their own category called “The mum with daughter run” which should strengthen the family spirit even more. All participants of this run will enjoy an attractive starting package, various accessory activities like make up, competitions and “angel” photo shooting.

The 8th edition of the dm women´s run will be held on 14th September 2019

dm womens run



NN URBAN CITY RACE CHALLENGE  is a city hurdle race for whole families. It is a race where hobby as well as active athletes can discover their limits, take the fences or compare their performance with other participants. Also kids can choose easy or more demanding courses according to their age and skills.  On 16th March 2019 the M. R. Štefánik square, Eurovea Centre will change to a hurdle course  with a lot of surprises and big fun. The goal of this unique race to enrich a “common” race with urban hurdles inspired by extreme sports where disciplines like creeping in mud, roping, javelin throw or removing of  tires are usual. Within the NN URBAN CITY RACE CHALLENGE participants will directly at the square tide over hurdles with which the meet daily.

All NN URBAN CITY RACE CHALLENGE participants will get a rich starting package containing a sport T-shirt, backpack, medal and refreshment.



  • swimming 175 m
  • bike 5 km
  • run1,5 km

Prefect conditions in the University premises (Sports Faculty) offer attractive courses, an attractive profile of the bike course and excellent organization which you can enjoy directly in Bratislava.

This event has unique distances: the swimming pool of the Sports Faculty offers a 175 m long course, the 5 kilometer long bike and the final 1,5 km run courses lead along the Danube riverbank.

This race is designed not only for high performance athletes but first of all for hobby racers, triathlon newcomers and for all, who would like to try this unique form of competition. On Saturday elimination fights of all age categories from 6 years will be held and on Sunday final battles of the best athletes will take place.

27. 04. – 28. 04. 2019 

New Year’s Run Through Bratislava’s Bridges

Come and say goodbye to 2019 with us and at the same time, celebrate 31th year of this extraordinary event. New Year’s Eve run through Bratislava’s bridges is a running event for everyone who can’t even imagine New Year’s Eve without doing sports.

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