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Top 10 Autumn Experiences in Bratislava

Lovely sunset, pleasant breeze and gorgeous colours of nature everywhere, joined with great food, fantastic events make for an amazing autumn in Bratislava.

1. Goose festival (Husacie Hody)

Without doubt, autumn in the Bratislava region means spending an evening with friends and family at the abundant goose festival in Slovenský Grob, a village located only 30 minutes away from the centre of Bratislava. There are a number of goose breeders here who have dedicated many years to their craft, passing the skills they have learned from generation to generation. The delicious roast goose traditionally served with the village’s famous potato pancakes (Grobské lokše) will be a culinary experience no one will soon forget.

Tip: Travel easily to Slovenský Grob with Slovak Lines buses every weekend and during bank holidays.

The bus leaves Bratislava from under the SNP bridge (Most SNP) at the following times: 10:03 am, 02:03 pm, 06:18 pm

The bus then leaves Slovensky Grob back to Bratislava at the following times: 01:06 pm, 05:21 pm, 07:59 pm

You can travel for FREE on this bus with our Bratislava CARD.


2. Little Carpathians

The pleasant environment found in the Little Carpathians, located just outside Bratislava, combined with the autumn weather is just right for different mountain excursions. Whether you choose to see the ruins of Pajštún (Peilenstein) Castle, bicycle along the edge of the Little Carpathians to Pezinok or enjoy an evening barbecue at the Železná Studnička recreation centre, an autumn day in the countryside surrounding Bratislava is a fun experience for everyone.

3. White Night (Biela Noc)

On 7 October, Bratislava will once again be lit up for the third year in a row as part of the White Night contemporary art festival. During the night there will be over 65 stands open with both international and local artists presenting for you their works displaying scenes from heavenly bodies, visitors from other planets and moon aliens.

4. Gastronomic Experiences

If you are looking to enjoy hearty autumn meals, Bratislava offers several options right in the centre of town. Whether you opt for Zylinder Cafe & Restaurant, Savoy Restaurant or Dunajský Pivovar, the best and most traditional of Bratislava’s cuisine is ready for you to try in a modern and stylish atmosphere.

5. Cultural Experiences

Autumn traditionally brings in the new music and culture season, with many great events and enjoyable evenings on tap. This year the Slovak Philharmonic opens its 69th concert season with concerts featuring music repertoires giants performed by the most talented musicians. Now is the time to see high-quality plays, ballets and operas traditionally staged by the Slovak National Theatre and performed by leading artists from Slovakia and around the world.

6. Wine Harvests and Beer Festivals

The end of September is the season for the annual vintage festivals, which are closely entwined with the Bratislava region. Bratislava’s neighbourhood Rača and the nearby towns of Modra and Pezinok have prepared a rich program to accompany the harvest of the grapes and the fantastic wine and food experiences that go with it.

September is also the month for beer enthusiasts to come and sample the different beer types and tastes available at the Salón Piva Craft Beer Festival. There is also a chance here to try out flavours such as raspberry, blueberry and mango. Cheers!

At the beginning of October, the river bank by the Starý Most will be the venue for the third Bratislava Oktoberfest, offering the best craft beer from breweries throughout the Bratislava region. There will be also two days of musical entertainments performed by guest artists to enjoy with quality meals that go along well with beer.

7. Museums and Galleries

The period after the summer holiday season is booming with new exhibitions at the many museums and galleries you can find all over the city. If you appreciate modern art, you will definitely enjoy Autumn at Danubiana and the Carmela Gross exhibition at the Kunsthalle. Get inspired by the dining-related artistic works exhibited at Prestreté in the Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚĽUV) and learn about the history of Volkswagen cars at the Bratislava Transport Museum.


8. Bratislava Music Festival and Jazz Days

The 53rd Bratislava Music Festival brings chamber music stars such as Lawrence Brownlee, Yutaka Sado and Jukka-Pekka Saraste to Bratislava. All details about the concerts can be found at www.bagoclassical.sk.

In addition, the world’s best jazz performers such as Cory Henry, Roy Hargrove and Marcus Miller are coming to Bratislava at the end of October, turning the city for the 43rd time into the jazz centre of the universe for a short time!

9. Street Food Park

The square in front of the city centre’s Stará Tržnica (Old Market) becomes a small park full of the most delicious gourmet dishes street food vendors have created in imaginative forms. Not just those who enjoy a lot of meat in their diet, but also vegetarians and vegans will be satisfied by the rich selection available. And if you just cannot wait, follow the link to browse a list of the best street food establishments in Bratislava.


10. World Music Festival

This multi-day festival devoted to world music features an unprecedented mix of folk and modern music now expanded to include a number of public debates and a splendid program for children, all taking place on the streets of Bratislava on 21-24 September. In addition to wonderful music, you can also enjoy the festival tram and workshops with the opportunity to learn to play the drums or dance traditional folk dances.

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