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The Tourist Information Centre is closed from 25th November 2021 until further notice.

In urgent cases, please contact us on workdays either by phone at +421 918 573 172 or email us at We are happy to answer your queries between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Here, everybody can joyfully create their chosen meal with their partner, family, friends or colleagues.

Aid, relax, catlings, a cup of coffee, or tea…

Academy of action sports Hangair is the first place of its kind in Slovakia.

Petržalka Bowling Center is a pleasant and new place for active relaxation in the center of the largest housing estate in Slovakia.

Trapped is a game in the Escape Room genre in Old Town Bratislava.

“Asylum” Escape Room is a unique adventure game.

A thrilling detective role-play game set in 30-ties in the first Czechoslovak Republic.

A unique Slovak project for the protection of the Ussurian Tiger. The beginning of this project – the building of enclosures dates…
A prominent landmark in the Koliba section of the forest park is Kamzík (439 meters), whose television tower is perched on the…

This charming baroque garden is a popular hangout from March till October for locals of all ages and all walks of life: there‘s the runners, the frisbee enthusiasts, the tea lovers, parents and yogis, there‘s students and avid readers perusing the free outdoor library.

Aupark shopping center is one of the top Bratislava destinations for stylish shopping and fun lovers. Offering popular fashion brands, attractive leisure…
Central is an easily reachable shopping center in the capital. Discover a variety of shops, cafes and a unique relaxation area right…

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