Bratislava the Motor City

Slovakia manufactures the highest number of vehicles per capita – and by that, it can be claimed that the country, and its capital, Bratislava, is an auto superpower. However, when talking about manufacturing, innovation, and execution – key factors when it comes to car production – should not be forgotten.


Slovakia is attracting more and more car manufacturers due to national initiatives, low working and living costs, and its favorable logistical location makes Bratislava the new Motor City. The country’s powerful car production represents 4 % of its entire industry and Slovakia now has the world’s highest car production per capita. The automotive sector also generates a lot of events and is helping Bratislava become more interesting for car launches.

In addition to the country’s largest producer, Volkswagen Slovakia in Bratislava, the following plants have also opened factories in Slovakia: Kia Motors Slovakia, PSA Peugeot Citroen Slovakia in Trnava and a new Jaguar and Land Rover factory will open in Nitra. Alongside car manufacturers, Bratislava is a land of innovation, thanks to suppliers of the optoelectronic, robotics and software sectors. The automotive sector also generates a lot of events and is helping Bratislava become more attractive for car launches.


Slovakia is purposefully promoting the development of start-ups, among which one particularly caught our attention – a boutique automotive start-up under the name Brutal. Its founder, Marian Lušpai, has come up with a super lightweight S1 race car – one that cannot be found at a regular car showroom, of course. Inspiration came from English car manufacturers, especially Ariel Atom, a British road-going sports car.

The company Aeromobil, established in Bratislava by Juraj Vaculik and Stefan Klein, is yet further proof that the Slovak automotive industry is evolving and is bursting with innovativeness. The vehicle, which transforms from a four-wheeled car to an almost real sports airplane, has been designed as one of the mobility options of the future. Well, We Bet You Haven’t heard about the Slovak Flying car.


Warm days foretell the end of winter, and for those who enjoy the twists and turns of driving picturesque roads, spring is the time for motoring pleasure. A visit to Bratislava is definitely the most enjoyable when the days get longer and road surfaces are warmed by the sun. Bratislava is known as an automotive superpower – the new European Detroit. When we last visited the city, we stumbled across some amazing roads, perfect for any automotive event or commercial shoot. Together with Martin Jesny, a Slovak expert motoring journalist, we have compiled a list of the area’s most interesting routes for a drive.


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