Photo: Rendezvous IHF

The 12th edition of the luxury international MICE forum, Riverside Mozart Luxury Cruise on the Danube took place in three of the most important cities, shaped and built around the economic backbone of Europe, the mighty Danube River. Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest hosted the cruise, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of Vienna, the hidden gems of Bratislava, and the vibrant energy of Budapest during the event.

The event, held between 22 and 25 April 2024, convened 40 renowned hoteliers with 40 handpicked buyers who facilitated new developments and forged new partnerships.

The luxury B2B MICE forum included an unforgettable stop in Bratislava. UFO was hosting the event on 23 April for the one to one meetings part of the programme. After the official programme the attendees walked through the charming streets of the Old Town, Bratislava Castle and the quaint cobblestone lanes of Michael’s Gate. In addition, they were part of the journey back in time with oldtimer trains across Bratislava’s landmarks. “From the vibrant markets to the picturesque Danube River, every corner revealed a new facet of this captivating destination” was the feedback from the organisers.

Photo credit: Rendez Vous IHF

Luxury journey across the Danube

A river cruise aboard the Riverside Mozart means luxury, local culture and loving life. Attendees were pampered in one of the first-class restaurants and had the chance to dip into the spa and sauna after a long day of meetings.

The epitome of luxury is intimacy

RENDEZ-VOUS IHF is an international hotel MICE forum dedicated to luxury hoteliers and targeted travel advisors with qualified buying power who want to create unique partnerships for high-value business development.

What sets the event apart from others is summed up by their motto: “The epitome of luxury is intimacy”. Human dimension and conviviality allow their events to provide a professional yet enjoyable environment for an exclusive networking experience.

Attendees have enjoyed unparalleled luxury during the event. The suites on the ship measure from 20 square metres to 82 square metres. The service on board is exceptional, too, from catering to standards enjoyed in luxury hotels the world over.

Learn more about the luxury event here.