Photo Credit: Visit Bratislava

With travellers transitioning to sustainably-oriented travel worldwide, sustainable mobility is becoming the favourite choice of tourists arriving in Bratislava. Travellers that opt for sustainable mobility help reduce their carbon footprint and thus contribute to preserving the environment.

In light of climate change and reducing the planet’s carbon footprint, Bratislava encourages visitors to opt for environment-friendly transport. A comparison of CO2 emissions in grammes per person per kilometre has shown the following results:

– Train ride 17 g
– Bus ride 19 g
– Electric vehicle ride 50 g
– Diesel-powered car 150 g
– Flight 280 g

Sustainable mobility on the rise

Guests that travel from Bratislava to Vienna Airport or vice versa can wait for their international bus in the maximum comfort of the unique International Waiting Room Lounge. Here, they will find refreshments, fast free wi-fi and comprehensive services while waiting for their sustainable transport to take them to their destination. Three companies are operating the buses between Vienna airport and Bratislava: Slovak Lines, Regiojet and Flixbus. Those travelling with Slovak Lines can enjoy the service of the experienced staff in the special lounge.

Photo Credit: Lounge Bratislava

At Nivy Station in the centre of Bratislava, travellers can do some last-minute shopping in the international waiting room, where they can buy practical travel equipment such as various headphones, cases, chargers or souvenirs, games and gifts.

Bratislava is thus actively advocating sustainability by offering an array of sustainable options for travellers, particularly public transport. In addition to their less harmful effects on the environment, buses driving to Bratislava are affordable. For instance, a ride from Vienna Airport to Bratislava costs less than 10 EUR. Most importantly, efficient coaches are proven to have an excellent carbon footprint per driven kilometre. Find out more at:

Photo Credit: Lounge Bratislava