Photo Credit: Oldtimer Gallery Bratislava

Meeting planners can be among the first visitors to a unique space in Bratislava, home to an exhibition of over 80 remarkably well-preserved vintage cars. The newly opened large-capacity event venue stretches over two floors and features a separate VIP section with its own bar. The venue is ideal for company parties, cocktails, parties, or teambuilding events set in a relaxing environment.

The event space within the venue includes a gallery or loft looking over the U-shaped veteran car exhibition. The maximum capacity for a banquet is 300 participants. On the first floor, the venue offers a VIP lounge with a bar connected to the main event room. The VIP room has a banquet capacity of 100 people or a standing reception catering to 150 guests.

In-house food and beverages

The venue offers its own in-house beverage production: The Oldtimer Gallery belongs to a family of brands offering unique event premises together with Hotel Lomnica and Kaštieľ Pálffy manor. At events, Oldtimer Gallery serves its own wines from the ViaJur winery, which is located in the historical cellars of the Pálffy manor. In addition to the wines, Oldtimer Gallery offers a selection of craft beers from the Pálffy Brauerei.

Photo Credit: ViaJur

The organisers may enrich the programme of their event in the Oldtimer Gallery Bratislava by taking the attendees on a tour of the city in the historical Prešporáčik® Oldtimer. The guided tour will enable your guests to see Bratislava up close and personal, shedding some new light on this fascinating city after a memorable event held at the newly opened Oldtimer Gallery.

Photo Credit: Visit Bratislava

Explore the world of vintage cars in Bratislava

The venue provides various layouts for events and most importantly, it is located only a stone’s throw away from the Bratislava downtown. The Oldtimer Gallery in Bratislava is imbued with a charming industrial character that is bound to captivate every guest or event attendee.