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Trains generate between 65 and 70 per cent less carbon footprint than cars or planes. As awareness regarding preserving the environment is on the daily agenda of event organisers, it is crucial to know that the largest part of our carbon footprint is created by transportation. Bratislava offers excellent train connections that foster its development as an environmentally aware destination.

Even though it might take more time than travelling by car, travelling by train provides time to check emails, try remote work, read a book or chat with a colleague. At the same time, opting for sustainable mobility shows you care about the environment.

Aside from walking or biking, taking the train is the most environmentally friendly way of travelling. In terms of energy consumption, use of space, and noise levels, trains are far more sustainable too.

Below is a comparison of emissions of different transportation per passenger per kilometre.

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Travelling to Slovakia’s capital in style

Bratislava encourages business guests and event attendees to arrive in Bratislava by train. Vienna, the regional railway crossroads, connects the Slovakian capital with numerous European cities. In addition, Bratislava is directly connected to renowned European capitals, such as Prague, Budapest, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg and Zürich. On average, the train ticket from Vienna to Bratislava costs only 10 EUR. Event attendees will reach Bratislava in only 1 hour and 7 minutes.

Photo Credit: The Slovak Spectator/SITA

Guests arriving from Munchen to Vienna will need four hours to reach Vienna and another hour to reach Bratislava. The modern Railjet train operates on the route and offers a restaurant, power sockets and free WiFi. Guests can thus expect a comfortable and pleasant ride. Budapest offers equally impressive connections, enabling event attendees to reach Bratislava in just two hours and a half. Slovakia’s modern InterCity trains will also take visitors to other renowned Slovakian destinations.

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