“We Are Trying to Innovate Bratislava Right Now”

We had a talk with Mr. Peter Jirsák, Head of HubHub and Flexible Solutions. This innovative ecosystem is more than just a co-working space – it is a “State of Mind”, it is “Space, community and education”.

Q: Can you please briefly explain to our reader what the HubHub platform actually is? 

HubHub is not just a space or place. We like to say HubHub is a “State of Mind” because for us it is important what comes to your mind, when you are in our spaces, on our events, or just read our articles. In general, HubHub is a network of co-working spaces that connects a large number of innovative companies and individuals. We are present in 5 countries. We operate 8 locations, 21 000 sq m of co-working space with over 2000 active members.

Q: What is the general philosophy behind the project?

The whole concept is based on three pillars. Space, community, and education. We are running a well-designed co-working space, with high standards of services. Everything is included in the membership. Cleaning, security, internet, beverages, printing services. All in one price. But HubHub is not about space itself. It’s about community and people who are in it. We are focused on our members, their business, activities, and needs. We have created a unique ecosystem made up of freelancers, small projects, innovative start-ups, corporate departments, and NGO platforms. The last pillar is education. Our tailored events created in cooperation with members and different partners allow us to educate our members and wider community in topics which resonate in the innovative ecosystem.


Q: Bratislava is (like in other European cities) getting a modern, hi-tech district, that will suit the needs of today’s understanding of working processes. What does this mean for the rapidly developing Slovak capital?

These are exciting times. Technology and new tools as well as the new generation of people create a very different approach to working habits. The new workforce has different requirements on workspace, because that is the place where they are spending most of their time during a day. Our approach to these new trends is visible in Nove Nivy district. Here HB Reavis creates a modern business zone within the city of Bratislava. It’s not only about the office space anymore. The surrounding ecosystem of services, events and in general networking possibilities are playing even more important role than ever before.  With our community and a broad range of activities, HubHub offers a nice entrance gate for students, young entrepreneurs, and start-ups into the business world. A community, consisting of start-ups, scale ups, NGOs, people from corporations and many others, creates an ideal place for new ideas, innovation and growth. These are the reasons why we want to be part of these districts and support the innovative community and why HB Reavis started HubHub in the first place. To create and support a unique ecosystem where all ideas can flourish.

Q: Usually the co-working premises are not located in the city centres, surely not in the elite and expensive districts. The location of the Nivy Tower in Bratislava is on the other hand located just a few minute walk from the old city centre. Can you please comment on that. 

As I’ve mentioned before, the new generation of employees have different requirements when it comes to workplace. They want to work in a good location, with great public transport connection, surrounded by retail and other services. HB Reavis strictly selects and considers its projects. The Nove Nivy zone is quickly becoming the new business center of Bratislava with already delivered Twin City, almost finished Nivy Tower and many other projects to come. Thanks to high standards of buildings, their design, and associated services, Nove Nivy zone attracts both domestic and foreign companies.

Q: Besides the co-working premises, the Nivy Tower will also offer some event venues. What can the event managers look forward to?

We are already running a quite spacious event venue in Twin City C building. It’s too soon to talk about specifications of event space options in Nivy Tower. Our event space in Twin City is modern, not only from the design point of view, but also from a technical perspective. We can host different formats, internal and external events. Our event space is also connected to Mondieu bistro and this cooperation allows us to offer various opportunities to event agencies, or companies directly.

Q: Who are you trying to attract to Nivy Tower? Start-ups, technological companies, individuals, businessmen etc. Who do you want to be a part of this new HubHub community that will arise?

All mentioned above apply. Geek economy and cooperation based on contracts between freelancers and companies is becoming natural also in central Europe. Freelancers are particularly popular due to their specialization and know-how. Start-ups and tech companies need freelancers, talented people who are motivated and passionate about new solutions. Corporations are seeking the proximity of these people and tech projects because constant innovation is something what they look for.

Q: How do you think that the modern and intelligent platform will benefit Bratislava in terms of helping Bratislava on its way on developing as a more and more important innovation and execution hubs of Europe?

Actually, we are helping to innovate Bratislava right now. Via Butterfly Effect program, where HubHub is a co-founder, students are working on a new mobile app for Bratislava municipality. Program is based on modern methods and supported by experienced leaders from various Slovak companies. Only an educated workforce can move our economy forwards. If we want to shift our economy from conveyor belts towards a digital future, we need to support cooperation among universities, start-ups and corporations. It’s no secret that Bratislava attracts young people from all over Slovakia. If we want to keep them home, we need to give them opportunities and create proper conditions.

Q: Such project as the Nivy Tower do bring inevitable changes to the whole neighbour area and city life. What do you expect to change in Bratislava with this modern and intelligent district?

Nivy Tower is a dominant part of Nove Nivy zone, but it’s only one part of the whole district. Stanica Nivy is currently the biggest construction project in central Europe. That kind of speaks for itself. Together with Twin City and planed future projects the Nivy Tower helps to create something new. Nove Nivy zone will change the look of the area. Green rooftop on the Stanica Nivy will provide something that people of Bratislava have never experienced before. And something that we in HubHub are looking forward to is the amazing view of the Old Town.

Q: And your personal vision of the HubHub project? What will Hub Hub become in the next 10 years?

In 10 years, I personally see HubHub as a huge and constantly growing, vibrant, international community of vibrant innovative people, companies and organizations, that can help positively influence the world.

Source: www.kongres-magazine.eu