Photo: Whisky Fest Bratislava

The Whisky Fest Bratislava will return to amaze attendees with a broad array of whisky flavours. One of the highlights this year will be the Masterclasses, where whisky experts will guide participants through a tasting of their handpicked whiskies.

The masterclasses are led by various whisky experts and brand ambassadors who pick out different whiskies they wish to introduce. The event will take place in Vodarenske Museum, where steam engines, electric generators and large boilers once supplied drinking water to the entire city from a nearby water source. The museum was founded in 2007 and renovated after 2012 and is one of the youngest technology museums in Slovakia.

The museum captures the important history of the water industry. An interesting part of the exhibition is part of the water pipe from the Gardens of Versailles from the 17th century. The space is also an original place for seminars and events and the perfect choice for a whisky tasting.

Whisky tasting in the zen garden

The garden is designed as a lush zen relaxation area with the predominant element of water and is a continuation of the Waterworks Museum’s exposition. In 2016, the Water Garden received the title of Park of the Year. Here, whisky aficionados will taste and compare some of the world’s finest whiskies.

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