World’s First “Universal Processor” Built in Slovakia

Tachyum company, established by Radoslav Danilak in Bratislava, has been developing a microprocessor with high performance, low energy consumption and three times cheaper for the operators of data centres compared with the best chip on the market. The never before made chip was introduced at Globsec 2018, and could become the first “European chip”.

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Dr. Radoslav Danilák, born in Slovakia, imigrated to the USA and built a successful career. Danilak holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the TUKE Slovakia, where he taught compiler courses. With over 25 years of industry experience and around 100 patents designing state-of-the-art processing systems, he founded the company Tachyum in 2016. The company was established to disrupt markets by solving the processing performance plateau of nanometer class chips.

Tachyum announced in 2018 that it has achieved a significant engineering milestone in its Prodigy product development, by proving that all critical components of its Prodigy core meet or exceed its stated design goals of unprecedented compute performance, power efficiency and cost advantages.

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Besides the personal drive of coming back to his homeland also other important elements helped Danilak to decide to build the Research and development center in Bratislava – Danube Silicon Valley of Europe. First one is the geographical position of Bratislava – in the heart of Europe and a part of the region Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest. Besides the geographical factor, the key factor for this ever raising Silican Valley of Europe is certainly the supportive environment, a high quality of life in Slovakia and non the last the highly educated local professionals.

Dr. Radoslav Danilák was leading a team in the Silicon Valley (USA) that, under his leadership, developed a chip that should be able to simulate the capacity of a human brain in real time by the year 2020. The never before made chip was introduced at Globsec 2018, and could become the first “European chip”. It’s advantage is that it consummates ten times less energy that the performace of conventional processors.

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This energetically economic chip will be, from economic reasons, produced in Taiwan, but the design came from Europe, since there were mainly Slovaks on the team. The low energy demands of chips apply to other developments in the field of IT, such as Artificial Intelligence, for example.

Tachyum company has been developing a microprocessor with high performance, low energy consumption and three times cheaper for the operators of data centres compared with the best chip on the market.  Tachyum’s Prodigy Universal Processor Chip is the smallest and fastest general purpose, 64-core processor developed to date, requiring 10x less power and reducing processor cost by 3x.

The creation of an R&D center in Slovakia will help to develop the whole ecosystem around solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and supercomputers. With one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, the Slovak Republic continues to position itself as a technology hub within the EU in the fields of AI (artificial intelligence) and HPC (high-performance computing). Around 150 highly qualified professional are expected to be hired to work at Tachyum’s Slovakia-based R&D center, with hundreds of more job opportunities becoming available for skilled professionals as future Prodigy applications are developed. Tachyum’s new facilities will also provide coordination for the company’s overall business activities, and its global support services.