Coronation Days return to Bratislava in 2023

Bratislava will transform into Pressburg for three days of pageantry and festivities


The majestic past of Bratislava will be revived in the former capital and coronation city of the Kingdom of Hungary. Commemorating the medieval city of Pressburg, the ceremony of splendour can only be experienced in Bratislava.

During the Bratislava Coronation Days, visitors can experience the coronations of former monarchs. In addition, a host of eye-opening tours are hosted across the city. Visitors can see various kings who were crowned in Bratislava with their companions. King Ferdinand IV will ride on horseback with his suit at the helm of the procession.

Reviving the pomp of medieval times

Bratislava, which was one time called Prešporok by Slovaks, Preßburg by Germans and Pozsony by Hungarians, became the coronation city when the Ottoman Turks conquered Hungary and occupied Székesfehérvár, the city that had been the site of previous coronations. At the time, Pressburg, as the city was known in English, was a secure place near the Imperial residential city of Vienna and so chosen by the Hungarian aristocracy, intellectuals and church dignitaries to be their sanctuary.


Visitors can see first-hand how the royal past comes to life during the Bratislava Coronation Days as they get involved directly in the ceremonies reenacted by actors and enthusiasts wearing period costumes. Multiple-day celebrations are accompanied by a number of events, jousting tournaments featuring knights in armour, theatre and music performances, lectures and exhibitions, guided tours, children’s interactive programs and fun for all.

Guided tours across the city

Visitors will be able to discover the coronation history of Bratislava through the eyes of knowledgeable guides. The former royal city will come to life again, immersing guests in its illustrious past. The tours are organised by Bratislava Convention Bureau. Enjoy the coronation atmosphere during the various guided tours organised by Bratislava Tourist Board. You can apply for the free tours here


Another unique experience is watching the demonstrations of falconry techniques on horseback, bird-of-prey hunting, and hunting dog breeds by the art group Falconia. Guests can thus compare different schools of fencing by the historical group Tostabur and enjoy duels, dances, lute playing, and even a short fashion show.

Wine tasting

During the Coronation Days, guests can also experience one of Bratislava’s best-kept secrets – the rarely accessible historical cellar from the 17th century beneath the Jeszenákový Palace. In honour of the 300th anniversary of Maria Theresa’s coronation, a limited quantity of special rosehip wine is produced each year.

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