As we say the best system is SOUNDSYSTEM. And that´s we are bringin you to Bratislava a legendary dubreggae soundsystem IMPERIAL SOUNDSYSTEM( 15kW) from under the Italian Alps. On this legendary soundsystem will perform a famous producent, selekta, and singer DAN I with his biblical lyrics and the best dub selection mainly from theeir own production from IMPERIAL SOUND ARMY RECORDS.

Also the Czecho-Slovak dub reggae represent  will not miss it! A Notorious crews Dub From The Ground, Dubsettlers Hi Fi and NATTY YOUTH SOUND. Just dont forget to come for steppa, and dont miss this special event of legendary famous soundsystem in legendary Subclub!

See you tonight!

Entry: till 01:00- 4€ after 01:00- 5€

Bratislava CARD

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