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Shopping in the Old Market Hall has style. Come see for yourselves & meet the locals
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Easter Cruise

Seeking for an extraordinary tip to spend an exceptional Eastertime? Savour it on the waves of…
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Trans Danube Swim

Join more than a thousand swimmers and cross the beautiful Danube from one bank to another!
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Goose Feast on the Boat Harmónia

Delicious goose feast on a boat with an unrepeatable atmosphere
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Goose on the boat Harmónia

Fragrant, crunchy, delicious. That is how traditional goose feast should feel like. Yummy!
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The Crown Tower
The Crown Tower in Bratislava Castle holds significant historical value. Built in the 13th century, it is considered the oldest remaining structure…

The Graphic Cabinets

In the 18th century, it was very fashionable to furnish rooms in castles, the walls of which were covered with regularly arranged pictures. These rooms were called graphic cabinets. Check out our Bratislava one!

Celts from Bratislava

More than 2000 years ago there was a Celtic city, so-called oppidum, on the place of present day Bratislava. It used to be three times bigger than later medieval town

To the Glory and Praise

Christian motifs from the art collections of the Slovak National Museum – Historical Museum

Conceptual Antimuseum of J.K.

Its main part was made up by antipictures, in which Koller was coming into terms with the conceptual art and the climate of the times

Roller and Lehocká for National Gallery

At the beginning, there was a little stone, which the sculptor marked, painted by signs, later he started distributing the painted stones by spreading them around Bratislava and through his friends also around the world

Xenia Hoffmeister: In a Maze

The central theme of this exhibition in a peninsular gallery of Danubiana is the Labyrinth, or one’s time in the Labyrinth as an existential constant, which is exacerbated by the current historical situation of permanent crisis

New Acquisitions of the National Gallery

The common theme of this selection is “women’s voices”, i.e. works by women authors who critically, sarcastically, or simply sincerely express views on various myths and clichés, and on traditional images and ideas about the division of gender roles in society and in the home

In the Footsteps of Legionnaires

In the past, the Danubeland was inhabited by many peoples and ethnicities, which over the past 1500 years have left their mark on the land

Marko Blažo: The Whole Human

The monographic exhibition of Marko Blažo (1972 – 2021) attempts to put this exceptional artist’s extensive, even holistically complex work into a minimalist functionalist container