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Health, Security & Important Contacts

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Emergency calls 112
Ambulance, First Aid 155
Police 158
City Police 159
Fire Service 150
Vehicle clamping and removal service 18 124
Ambulance 16 155
Information about phone numbers (Slovakia) 1181
Information about phone numbers (international call) 12 149


In the event of you needing medical treatment, you will need to visit one of the four following big faculty hospitals. Most of the doctors speak English. As tourists are largely concentrated in the Old Town, you will probably try the first one:

Old Town – Mickiewiczova street 13;

Kramáre – Limbová street 5;

Ružinov – Ružinovská street 6;

Petržalka – Antolská street 11

Private Clinics

If you plan to stay in Bratislava for a longer period or you come to live here, it is advisable to find a private medical practice providing greater comfort and facilities. The following are some reputable private clinics: Procare, Medical Care, Hippokrates, Sport Clinic, Sanatorium Koch, Schill Dental, Medissimo (Slovak only), iClinicDental Care Rosa.

Health Insurance

In the EU and EEA member states, it is possible to obtain an EHIC card which entitles you to medical care at a reduced price or even free of charge in a public health office of another member state under the same conditions as the local insurees. This is recommended as supplementary to a private insurance.


Pharmacies are identified by a green cross. They are plentiful and usually open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday to 1 p.m. The only pharmacy providing a 24-hour emergency service is situated at Ružinov Polyclinic, University Pharmacy, Ružinovská Street 12.

Quiet at a night time

According to law, quiet at a night time should be observed from 10 PM to 6 AM.

Drinking alcoholic beverages at public

In Bratislava it is forbidden to drink alcohol in the vicinity of schools and school facilities, cemeteries and medical facilities. It is also forbidden to drink alcohol at churches, playgrounds, at platforms of public transport and stations. In the city center, drinking of alcoholic beverages is forbidden in the streets. Drinking of alcoholic beverages is allowed on the summer terraces of pubs, bars and restaurants and at the time of an event.


Like all larger cities, Bratislava also has a problem with pickpockets. They operate in crowded places, hence they are found in the popular Old Town and on public transport. As a result of the introduction of CCTV cameras, the situation has improved considerably but the thieves are very inventive. Most thefts are committed in crowds of people or in shops. It is advisable to carry your bags in front of you.

Crime Rate

In comparison with other big cities, the crime rate here is relatively low. Bratislava does not have anywhere that could be termed as a dangerous quarter. The city centre popular with tourists is well-lit even at night and is monitored by a camera system. However, this does not mean that one does not have to be watchful especially in deserted and dark places. Tourists should also carry their ID (EU) or passport with them at all times.

Women on Their Own

Bratislava is a modern city with a relatively young population so a woman on her own is nothing unusual. In general, men are attentive towards women; however, their attitude depends on their generation and education.


Shortly after the fall of communism, Bratislava gained a reputation as a city where it was inadvisable to have an expensive car with foreign number-plates. Since then, however, the situation has changed radically and although car theft has not been totally eradicated, the situation in Bratislava is incomparably better than in other neighbouring cities. It is important not to provoke theft by leaving valuables on view.

Car towing

A vehicle identified as a road or a sidewalk obstacle can be towed in the following cases:

  • if a vehicle is seen as an obstacle to road traffic,
  • if a vehicle parks at a reserved parking lot without proper permission or if a vehicle is not allowed to park on the place it is parked,
  • if a vehicle does not have a fixed registration plate, provided a vehicle is subject to registration, or if a vehicle does not legibly state the name, surname and domicile or the name and registered office of the owner of a vehicle in a visible place, with the exception of two-wheeled vehicles, even if a vehicle is not an obstacle to road traffic.

If a vehicle has been towed, call 159 (City Police) and check if your vehicle is in the register of towed vehicles. The police will tell you where your vehicle was towed to. Do not forget the address you have been told. After paying a penalty, you can drive your vehicle off.


Most of the embassies are located either in the Old Town and or in the villa quarters below and above the Castle. Some states have their embassies to Slovakia in Vienna, Prague or Budapest. A current list of embassies and contact numbers can be found at: