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You can arrive to Bratislava by plane, train, bus, car, boat or even on bicycle.

Being right in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is becoming an increasingly popular tourism destination. Unsure why you should visit? The following pages provide you with a complete guide to Bratislava and Slovakia:,

arrival-flying By plane

Bratislava Airport (BTS)

Official website:

There are direct flights to a number of destinations in Europe and a number of airlines operate their direct routes to Bratislava – RYANAIR, Pobeda, flydubaiCyprus Airways, Smartwings, air cairo, Wizz Air. Bratislava airport can be reached from the city centre in 15–20 minutes. To get to the city center you can take a taxi – do not forget to ask about the price in advance or use HOPIN mobile app. If you travel on the budget,  take the bus no. 61 to the main train station. From here, you can walk to the city centre in 15 minutes or take bus no 93 (exit Hodžovo námestie) or tram no 1 (exit Námestie SNP). Bus tickets are available from ticket machines at bus stops or in kiosks. The tickets which cost around EUR 1 must be validated in the buses.

Vienna-Schwechat (VIE) Airport

Official website:

The airport at Vienna-Schwechat is only 40 kilometres west of Bratislava and Slovaks mainly use it for long-haul flights. It is one of the main gateways to Slovakia. Buses to Bratislava depart at 30 to 60-minute intervals. Tickets can be bought on the bus; check the following companies,

arrival-subway By Train

Official website:

Bratislava connects to the main lines from Prague, Budapest, Vienna and various regions in Slovakia. Bratislava has two railway stations – the Main Station and Petržalka. The Main Station is well connected to the rest of the city via trams, buses or trolleybuses and you can get to the Old Town on foot in only 15 minutes. From the train station in Petržalka, the no. 80, 91, 93 buses take you to the city centre.

Official website:

Regiojet web site for trains to Prague, Brno and Pardubice.

arrival-vehicle By Bus

Official website:

Bratislava is also conveniently connected with many European cities via a network of bus lines. It has frequent service to the surrounding areas and also to other regions in Slovakia. Buses arrive and depart from Mlynské Nivy bus station. Coaches between Bratislava and Vienna run at one-hour intervals.,,

arrival-boat By Boat

Official website:

Due to its position on the river Danube, Bratislava has regular connections by boat with Vienna. The centre of Vienna (Schwedenplatz) is connected with Bratislava by a fast catamaran Twin City Liner and another fast hydrofoil, which is berthed at Vienna Handelskai. You can use for transport also the company

arrival-car By Car

Bratislava is situated at the intersection of several important motorways. The distance to Prague is 330 km, Budapest 200 km and Vienna 65 km. If you are bringing your own car, you need to display a valid motorway tax sticker (known as ‘dialnicka znamka’), available at borders or petrol stations. The minimum validity period is ten days (costs around EUR 10).

By Recreational Vehicle

You can park your car or caravan on the favorite and at the same time the only car-camp in the Zlaté Piesky area. Car-camping can also be found near the capital city at Slnečné jazerá in Senec, in the Veľké Leváre camping, Plavecký Štvrtok or Kuchyňa. These places are equipped with basic infrastructure, and other places are not recommended.

Luggage storage

Visitors to Bratislava can store their luggage at bus and train stations:

  • Mlynské Nivy bus station: luggage lockers from 7:00 to 22:00.
  • Main train station: daily 4:00 – 6:15, 6:30 – 10:30, 11:00 – 16:45, 17:00 – 21:30, 21:45 – 23:55
  • Petržalka railway station: daily 4:00 – 23:15
  • Luggage storage via the BAGBNB service

Before travelling to Bratislava

Crossing the Border

In 2004, Slovakia has been a member of the EU. Visitors to Slovakia travelling from other EU countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland may travel using either a passport or a valid ID card. In 2007,  Slovakia became part of the Schengen group of countries without border controls. A list of the countries whose citizens are not required to have a visa can be found at:

Permitted Goods

There is no requirement to declare the following quantities of tobacco products: 400 pcs of cigarettes or 200 pcs of cigars or 400 pcs cigarillos or 1 kg of smoking tobacco or their proportional combination. Where alcohol is concerned: 10 l spirits or 90 l wine or 110 l beer or 20 l of aperitifs or their proportional combination.

Information Abroad

In some countries, Slovakia has opened Slovak Tourist Board affiliation offices, where its employees are ready to help you.  Visit  to find out which in which cities can such offices be found.