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Shopping in the Old Market Hall has style. Come see for yourselves
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The Winter Good Market

On Saturday, December 9th will be the Winter Good Market - christmas lights, gatherings and conversations,…
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Slovak Christmas / SĽUK

The dance comedy Slovak Christmas with the subtitle Comedy about the creation of the world and what came after is already a traditional opus of SĽUK, which is the best and most famous Slovak folklore dance ensemble (Slovak Folk Art Collective).

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The Graphic Cabinets

In the 18th century, it was very fashionable to furnish rooms in castles, the walls of which were covered with regularly arranged pictures. These rooms were called graphic cabinets. Check out our Bratislava one!

In the Footsteps of Legionnaires

In the past, the Danubeland was inhabited by many peoples and ethnicities, which over the past 1500 years have left their mark on the land