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Shopping in the Old Market Hall has style. Come see for yourselves & meet the locals
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Tiles of Bratislava and the Art of Imitation

In Slovakia iconic Čierne diery are no longer only printing popular graphics, but published a bestselling…
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Lousy Auber: Bubbles – art installation

Old Market in the city center invites you to a new summer artistic experience. Three monumental…
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Hortus Artis

A series of chamber concerts in a garden with musical history for your best summer evening
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Guided Tour of Bratislava Castle in English

Every Saturday at 1 p.m. you can join a guided tour of the Bratislava Castle within…
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Knights at the Devín Castle

The Fellowship of Ancient Martial Arts and Crafts humbly invites the nobles to Devín Castle to see the unseen, hear the unheard and experience the unseen!

Coronation DaysTop
Bratislava Coronation Days

Witness the coronations as they looked like during the most famous part of the history of the city. Another king will begin his reign in Pressburg.



Saint Martin’s Procession

The outdoor theater project intended for families with children introduces a personality linked to one of Bratislava’s most important monuments, the Cathedral of St. Martin


Procession of the Magi

A story that once took place in Jerusalem and its surroundings will take place in the streets and squares of the Old Town

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The Crown Tower
The Crown Tower in Bratislava Castle holds significant historical value. Built in the 13th century, it is considered the oldest remaining structure…

The Graphic Cabinets

In the 18th century, it was very fashionable to furnish rooms in castles, the walls of which were covered with regularly arranged pictures. These rooms were called graphic cabinets. Check out our Bratislava one!

To the Glory and Praise

Christian motifs from the art collections of the Slovak National Museum – Historical Museum

Sacred Art

Discover the most precious sacred paintings and sculptures from the Gothic and Baroque eras in the Slovak National Gallery’s collections, complemented with icons and paintings from European art of the 16th to the 19th century

In the Footsteps of Legionnaires

In the past, the Danubeland was inhabited by many peoples and ethnicities, which over the past 1500 years have left their mark on the land

1960s in Bratislava

The goal of the exhibition is to approach ten legendary years in the history of the city through original period artefacts and photographs that speak of everyday life. A prominent place belongs to the poster, one of the supporting media that also serves propaganda, and at the same time presents contemporary fine art.

Hortus Artis

A series of chamber concerts in a garden with musical history for your best summer evening