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Sacred Art

Discover the most precious sacred paintings and sculptures from the Gothic and Baroque eras in the Slovak National Gallery’s collections, complemented with icons and paintings from European art of the 16th to the 19th century

The collection display will show you a number of themes and aspects associated with religious art, such as Passions, the Holy Family and Folk Piety as well as Original & Copy, and you will stop by a group of the oldest wooden sculptures in Slovakia.

Introducing the entire collection, there are two monumental altar screens by Anton Schmidt from Kremnica. They exemplify the context in which images were most often used in Christian liturgy: as part of the altar wholes.

A statue group by the contemporary sculptor Ján Zelinka brings the exposition to a conclusion, highlighting a further two important themes of Christian art – Pietà and Iconoclasm.

The collection display Sacred Art includes two touch-sound aids for the works Madonna with Angels of Poprad and Ecstasy of St. Teresa. These are primarily intended for the blind and partially sighted, but anyone may use touch to explore relief copies of the works, which are accompanied by audio commentary.