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We are here to to help you make the most of your visit. Whether you need directions or find out what’s happening in the city or the region during your trip, our friendly and experienced team is here to help you.

We are here for you 5 days a week: Monday – Friday: 9 am – 4:30 pm

  • +421 2 16 186 (local rate)
  • touristinfo@visitbratislava.com

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General inquiries relating to your visit

e-mail: touristinfo@visitbratislava.com
phone: +421 2 16 186, +421 2 5935 6651
Tourist Information Centre: Klobučnícka 2(city centre – map here)
There are lot of brochures available to download directly from our website here.

PR & Media inquiries – contact our PR team based on the type of your request

Photos for media usage can be found here.

Marketing inquiries – contact our Marketing team based on the type of your request

In order to request promotional material in printed form, please get in touch with Mr. Drugaj (drugaj@visitbratislava.com).
Kindly note we are not able to send any promotional material via mail. You can download all our brochures here.

Bratislava Tourist Board’s Team

PR and Communications Department

Ing. Michal Foltýn
Head of PR and Communications Department
tel.: +421 905 926 383
e-mail: foltyn@visitbratislava.com
Workload: communication campaigns, classified advertisements, department project management and public procurement of marketing and communications tools

Ing. Maroš Plitko
PR Specialist / Spokesman
tel.: +421 908 755 661
e-mail: plitko@visitbratislava.com
Workload: cooperating with local and international media, press conferences, media contact, arranging press trips and info-trips for visitors from abroad and bloggers and of travel agency fam trips and establishing a newsletter

Mgr. Adam Böjtös
PR Specialist/Social Media Specialist
tel.: +421 905 408 364
e-mail: bojtos@visitbratislava.com
Workload: social media management (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter), content creation (photos, videos), online campaign management

Mgr. Erika Richterová
PR Specialist
tel.: +421 907 356 590
e-mail: richterova@visitbratislava.com
Workload: websites administration – visitbratislava.com, card.visitbratislava.com, content creation (web, PR articles)

Marketing Department, Event and Destination Management

Ing. Peter Ďurica
Marketing Specialist
tel.: +421 918 582 343
e-mail: durica@visitbratislava.com
Workload: Destination Marketing activities related to ensuring the implementation of promotional items, promotional materials, thematic presentation of printed Brochures, foreign cooperation, organization of Expos

Ing. Michal Drugaj
Marketing Specialist
tel: +421 918 465 706
e-mail: drugaj@visitbratislava.com
Workload: development collaboration, professional processing of statistics and analysis for the BTB, cooperation with event organizers

Ing. Silvia Renácsová
Marketing Specialist
tel.: +421 902 985 826
e-mail: renacsova@visitbratislava.com
Workload: Destination Marketing activities related to ensuring the implementation of promotional items, promotional materials, thematic presentation of printed Brochures, foreign cooperation, organization of Expos

Bratislava Convention Bureau

Dávid Pobjecký, BSBA
Head of Bratislava Convention Bureau
tel.: +421 902 985 805
e-mail: pobjecky@visitbratislava.com
Workload: building a platform for the development of convention tourism in Bratislava, defining BVP destinations and strategic planning for marketing, PR and sales activities for individual MICE markets (meetings, incentives, conferences and events), representative at key industry trade shows, promoting its candidacy for arranging conference events and project management

Ing. Bohdana Jelemenská
MICE Specialist
tel.: +421 905 449 168
e-mail: jelemenska@visitbratislava.com
Workload: project implementation, content marketing management, strategic planning support, RFPS management, representative at industry trade shows and MICE-event promotional activities

Strategy Department, Projects and Destination Management

Ing. Michaela Kovačičová
Head of Strategy, Projects and Destination Management
tel.: +421 905 998 154
e-mail: kovacicova@visitbratislava.com
Workload: project and grant management, market and strategic research, tourist industry networking, international cooperation and consulting

Head of Organization

Ing. Vladimír Grežo

e-mail: predseda@visitbratislava.com


Executive director

Ing. Mgr. Tomáš Koniar, PhD.

tel: +421 911 760 855
e-mail: koniar@visitbratislava.com

Economic and Personal Department

Mgr. Mário Turan

Head of Economic department
tel.: +421 918 365 674
e-mail: turan@visitbratislava.com


Ing. Ondrej Volek

Office manager
tel.: +421 907 980 927
e-mail: volek@visitbratislava.com


Nina Kyselová

Office manager/Assistant
tel.: +421 907 360 392
e-mail: kyselova@visitbratislava.com

Tourist Information Centres

PhDr. Eva Mazuchová
Head of the Office
tel.: +421 905 848 409
e-mail: mazuchova@visitbratislava.com
Workload: Project management of Bratislava CARD, content management and product creation

Mgr. Monika Výbochová
tel.: +421 2 544 19 410
tel.: +421 2 16 186
e-mail: touristinfo@visitbratislava.com
Workload: Call center management, commission of Bratislava CARD, the commercial promotion of the TIC BTB

Stanislava Polakovičová
tel.: +421 2 544 34 059
tel: +421 905 848 407
e-mail: guides@visitbratislava.com
Workload: Thematic city tours on request, city tours and tailor-made surroundings, including additional services

Mgr. Sabina Šperglová
tel.: +421 2 593 56 653
e-mail: sperglova@visitbratislava.com
Workload: Personnel and technical support operations TIC BTB, coordination of external presentation events with the participation of TIC BTB, providing information and product sales

Mária Šedivá
tel.: +421 2 593 56 652
tel.: +421 2 593 56 652
e-mail: sediva@visitbratislava.com
Workload: provide information and sell products, commission of accommodation services

Mgr. Jana Kačalová
tel.: +421 2 593 56 652
e-mail: kacalova@visitbratislava.com
Workload: providing information and selling products, managing information fund


Magdaléna Sýkorová
tel.: +421 2 5935 6651
e-mail: sykorova@visitbratislava.com
Workload: providing information and selling products


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