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Saint Martin’s Procession

The outdoor theater project intended for families with children introduces a personality linked to one of Bratislava’s most important monuments, the Cathedral of St. Martin

The story of Martin provides many inspiring moments for shaping the values of the youngest generation. The miracle – engaging, full of emotions, but also educational – in turn represents one of the traditional theater genres of urban culture. It is a medieval theater genre describing the life of a saint in a narrative and dramatic form and dates from approximately the 11th-14th centuries.

The story of Martin of Tours is the story of a man who, thanks to his modesty, empathy, generosity, but especially persistence, achieved universal recognition, was able to implement many changes and became an inspiration not only for his time, but also for today.

The production of the miracle takes place on Rudnay Square, where the horizon of the scene is the Cathedral of St. Martina. At its end, the performance ends in a lantern procession through the streets of Bratislava Old Town (led by Martin).