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Shopping in the Old Market Hall has style. Come see for yourselves & meet the locals
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Tiles of Bratislava and the Art of Imitation

In Slovakia iconic Čierne diery are no longer only printing popular graphics, but published a bestselling…
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Bratislava’s vintage picnic

Lovers of history and stylish clothes of the period 1900-1950s will once again spread their colorful…
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Hortus Artis

A series of chamber concerts in a garden with musical history for your best summer evening
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Bratislava Coronation Days

Witness the coronations as they looked like during the most famous part of the history of…
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Young Wine Festival

Enjoy local Bratislava wines at the city festival and come to celebrate St. Martin’s Day with us in the historic centre. In addition to good wine, you can look forward to a rich music programme, competitions, guided tours for the disadvantaged and a quiz on winemaking and good food.


Advent Cruise

Advent on a sightseeing boat during a cruise on the Danube river? Why not!


Procession of the Magi

A story that once took place in Jerusalem and its surroundings will take place in the streets and squares of the Old Town

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The Graphic Cabinets

In the 18th century, it was very fashionable to furnish rooms in castles, the walls of which were covered with regularly arranged pictures. These rooms were called graphic cabinets. Check out our Bratislava one!

The Kornel and Naďa Földvári Library

Make yourself comfortable and choose from over 11 000 books that you can browse in a pleasant environment designed for studying, relaxation and cultural and social events

Sacred Art

Discover the most precious sacred paintings and sculptures from the Gothic and Baroque eras in the Slovak National Gallery’s collections, complemented with icons and paintings from European art of the 16th to the 19th century