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What controls are there at the entry points from Austria and Hungary?

It is still forbidden to travel for tourism. Before you enter Slovakia, you need to register at:

After crossing the border, persons without COVID-19 vaccination must enter a compulsory 14-day quarantine; followed by an antigen test not earlier than on the 8th day at a dedicated test site, upon call by the respective body. The antigen test is free. If the result is negative, the quarantine ends. If the person refuses to make the antigen test, he/she must stay in quarantine for the course of its entire duration.

Persons who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, namely at least 4 weeks after the second dose of Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna or at least 2 weeks after the first dose of AstraZeneca, must go to a PCR test no later than 2 days after crossing the border. The PCR test is not free. If the result is negative, they do not need to re-enter the quarantine.

What measures are currently applicable in Slovakia to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (closed shops, restaurants, etc.)?

Shop, including shopping malls, are opened, restaurants and cafes can operate only outdoors or by take-away.

Is there any government regulation on compulsory covering of mouth and nose? If so, what face covers are allowed and where do they need to be worn?

In all indoor areas and in public transport, all adults must cover their mouth and nose using a FFP2 mask. Children below 18 must cover their mouth and nose using a mask. Children below 6, mentally handicapped persons, persons with hearing impairment, autistic persons are exempt, while persons with a doctor’s confirmation about inability to wear the FFP2 mask are allowed to wear a cloth.

It is not compulsory to cover your mouth and nose when outdoors unless you are surrounded by persons within 5 metres who do not share the same household with you.

Can buses have full occupancy or is there a limit for maximum number of passengers?

No limit for maximum number of passengers applies to tourist vehicles as well as to public transport vehicles.

Are buses equipped with disinfectant dispensers?

A new regulation on public transport vehicles is in the making. Currently, it is at the discretion of the transport company.

Is there any hygienic regulation for the transport companies to follow?

Each transport company currently has their own hygiene policy, which they adhere to. It generally includes special and regular ventilation, regular in-depth disinfection of the interior of the vehicle between transports, disinfectant dispensers and boarding/exiting the vehicle through different doors.

Will the conductors be regularly tested for coronavirus or have they all been vaccinated?

Both testing and vaccination in Slovakia is non-compulsory. It is up to each supplier of the conductor services to define their own rules for collaboration with conductors.

Should there be a positive case on board, who must stay in quarantine (only the affected person with their co-travellers or the entire bus group/entire ship)?

All ship/tourist bus passengers must stay in quarantine.

Are the guests allowed to stay on board of the ship during the quarantine period or do they have to stay in town?

It is recommended that the boat passengers stay exclusively on the board during the quarantine period, as there are no official government quarantine facilities. Hotels and other places to stay in Bratislava do not offer this option.

Are there any places for ship passengers to get tested?

Yes, there are free testing sites for antigen tests, some of them can be booked in advance. You can see their list and opening hours on:

There is a possibility to order antigen testing directly on board of a ship/on a bus. This is, however, a paid service and all related costs must be borne by the ordering party.

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