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If you arrive in Bratislava by car, you will find numerous underground and outdoor parking lots in the city center. Although parking on the side of the street is permitted, keep in mind that in the event of the violation of parking rules you may find a boot mounted on your vehicle or it may be towed away by a towing service. Visitors to the city are therefore advised to use one of the numerous parking lots.

Where to park in the zone?
In the zone, parking is possible exclusively in the areas which are designated for parking. Parking outside of them is prohibited.

In the zone, parking is available at:
a, parking places designated by traffic signs on the street (sign)
b, parking places, situated outside the street i.e.
• parking lots with organized operation (barrier systems)
• in large-scale parking garages, or in courtyard areas

What is the zone?

Zone with restricted traffic (hereinafter the “zone”)

The zone with restricted traffic is a designated area in the center of Bratislava, which is marked with traffic signs with the sign symbol standing prohibited. It includes a pedestrian zone marked by the vertical road sign.

In the zone, parking is only permitted in the locations marked with traffic signs – Paid parking lot or  P-Reserved.

How to park in the street areas?
Parking spaces on the street

Parking lot with organized operation (on Dunajská Street)

Parking can be paid by purchasing a parking ticket in a machine. The obligation of payment is on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4 pm.

There are more than 50 parking ticket machines in operation on the streets of the city center. The ticket machines communicate in five languages. Apart from Slovak, these include English, German, Hungarian and French.

An optional parking time length is possible on the parking ticket machines.

How does it work?

After payment of the basic 30 minutes for € 0.60 (minimum price of parking) the machine enables choosing your own parking time length according to the value of the coins inserted. In practice, this means that for every inserted 10 cents, the machine adds 5 minutes of parking. The time which the parking is paid to is shown by the machine on the clear graphic display. If this time suits the driver, he or she presses the green button and the machine prints him or her a parking ticket. The driver then places the ticket in a visible place behind the windshield of their vehicle.
If necessary, the driver can cancel the complete transaction by pressing the red button and repeating the selection again.
The coin acceptor accepts coins in denominations of 10c, 20c, 50c, € 1, € 2.

Parking Lots for Tourist Buses

– Parking lot next to the Passenger Port – osobný prístav, Fajnorovo nábrežie 2 (GPS: 48.140039, 17.113207 )
fee required, open from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)

– Parking lot under Lafranconi bridge (GPS: 48.142479, 17.075284)
unguarded public parking lot with access suitable for smaller vehicles, microbuses/vans
– Parking lot next to the Starý most bridge (GPS: 48.136109, 17.116877
unguarded public parking lot at Tyršovo nábrežie, next to Divadlo Aréna (Aréna Theater)
No fee is required at the unguarded parking lots and parking is permitted all day every day.

Short stops 5-10 min
Standing for a maximum of 5-10 minutes is permited at these stops.
– Rázusovo nábrežie (GPS: 48.139918, 17.105862)
– Bratislavský hrad – Bratislava castle (GPS: 48.142351, 17.098124)
– Suché mýto (GPS: 48.146841, 17.107010)
– At the Slavín monument (GPS: 48.152188, 17.100041)

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