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Tradition Untraditionally: Linen and Hemp

The third exhibition from the successful series “Tradition Untraditionally“, presented in the ÚĽUV Gallery in Bratislava, brings us closer the Non-ageing popularity of field plants – linen and hemp.

The unique character of those historical objects and products made from them in the past decades under the ÚĽUV brand, will guide visitors through the fascinating past. The uniqueness of contemporary designers and university students, whose work focuses on the sustainability, functionality, the processing and the aesthetic of these natural materials, which could possibly outline upcoming future.

Address: ÚĽUV Gallery Bratislava, Obchodná 64
Opening hours: Monday – Friday | 12.00 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Linen and hemp have been cultivated in Slovakia since possibly remembered. The use of these plants for textile purposes has been known to mankind since prehistoric times and they are still popular today for their excellent characteristics. In the past, linen was grown almost all over Europe and until the beginning of the 20th century it was the main material for the production of traditional clothing also in the east and north of Slovakia. Hemp was grown more extensively in western and southern Slovakia. The process of growing, harvesting and processing these plants has been remarkably sustainable in the past. The yarn is strong and linen is naturally antibacterial, non-electrifying and excellent for dyeing.

The manual processing of fiber plants was an important, even ritualised, household chore in Slovakia for many centuries. The opportunity to see parts of traditional women’s and men’s clothing from different regions of Slovakia will offer an unusual visual experience.

From the beginning, ÚĽUV has paid a close attention to textile production, building on a rich variety of traditional techniques and designs. From the designs of Božena Janeková, Oľga Koreňová, Klára Brunovská, Eva Kováčová, Janka Menkynová and others in various areas of production, a specific fashion pattern has developed over the years, which was extremely demanded by customers at the time of its creation and still is all these years later.

The contemporary art from designers Maria Štraneková, Martin Hrča, Zuzana Dedík Šidlíková, Silvia Fedorova, Julia Šmidáková and others, as well as students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and successful Slovak companies Nehera and Atelier Rabada complete the mosaic of this incredibly rich materials, which has inspired and, we believe, will continue to inspire generations of both creators and users for a long time to come.