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…I wrote a poem… A memorial exhibition of Imre Madách

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Imre Madách, a man from an old aristocratic family forever associated with Hungarian literature

The Slovak National Museum – Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia has prepared an exhibition presenting the life and work of the writer. His main work is the dramatic poetry “The Tragedy of Man” from 1852-1860.


Nowadays, in the manor house of family Madách de Sztregova et Kelecsény in Dolná Strehová, there is a literary museum where the author lived and worked. Imre Madách is buried in the park by the mansion. The tomb with a monument to the writer comes from the workshop of the important Slovak sculptor and painter Alojz Rigele, associated with Bratislava, especially during the period of the then Danubian monarchy. The museum is one of the largest of its kind in Slovakia.

The exhibition also focuses on the most famous work of Imre Madách, The Tragedy of Man. The work has been interpreted at different times on the basis of various aspects, there are so many interpretations of Madách’s Tragedy of Man.


Visitors become familiar with the various forms of the work through both audiovisual and static elements. The spaces of the exhibition are complemented by works of contemporary visual art that reflect the overall impressions that the Tragedy of Man evokes in readers.