Open day of monasteries in Bratislava

Can religious sisters go on holiday, can they have make-up, go to the hairdresser sometime? Who they are, how they live and what are they doing? Can monks play football or drink beer? Is in the monasteries TV or internet? Do they have to wear still robes and veils?

If you want to learn the answers for these questions, and see the historical premises of monasteries and spend a day full of program with attractions not only for children you should come in Saturday, June 27th at the Open Day Monastery (DOK), prepared by the religious men and women Slovakia. You will see not only the premises of monasteries, but also houses facilities or institutions where monks live and work, schools, hospitals, social facilities and so on.

Participating monastery:

Bratislava – old town

Milosrdní bratia






Kanonisky svätého Augustína rehole Notre Dame



Bratislava – Trnávka

Sestry františkánky

 Bratislava – Ružinov



Bratislava – Karlova Ves


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At the BROTHERS OF MERCY, Námestie SNP Sq, and at the CANONESSES OF ST. AUGUSTINE, CONGREGATION DE NOTRE DAME , Jesenského St 4, the tours are also available in German. At the JESUITS, Františkánske námestie Sq, tours in English and French available upon request only.

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