Hopkirk is more than just a party night club; it hosts a number of cross-genre events, workshops, small concerts and regular exhibitions of young alternative artists. If you like to draw and are not shy to create in front of a crowd, then Hopkirk provides you with the opportunity (sketch pads and tools to express yourself, are available). You can also play chess or enjoy books from the bookshelf, grab something to drink, kick back and relax in comfortable sofas… Hopkirk is more something of an overgrown living room than just a bar. The club stocks a variety of quality teas as well as beer and absinthe. It is open daily, offering an escape from harsh outside reality and three times a week there is a regular party aptly named “Chillout”. This place is cozy and low key, so leave your tie and dress shoes at home. A word of warning: if you insist on super attentive staff, go someplace else.

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