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Black & White Bratislava of Anton Šmotlák


The exhibition is a tribute to Anton Šmotlák’s centennial. Using 12 of his works from the 1950s and 1960s directly at their authentic places, we bring you the chance to stop and contemplate how the times and Bratislava change.

Profile of Anton Šmotlák

It is anyone’s guess as to how Anton Šmotlák – the exceptional chronicler of the visual who embraced so many topics and processed them with understanding as only a handful of other Slovak photographs could – would photograph his beloved Bratislava today.

Anton Šmotlák “was among the first Slovak photographers to employ ‘live’ or candid photography to free themselves of the dogmas of socialist realism. In Bratislava and other Slovak locales, he recorded everyday moments spontaneously and without prejudice. He introduced momentum, an acceleration of events, a sharpness of shot to his works; a sort of ‘photographic drive’”. (HRABUŠICKÝ, A. – VANČO, F. 2020. Anton Šmotlák, Slovart, Slovak National Gallery, Photoport, 2020)

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The exhibition circuit of Black & White Photography of Anton Šmotlák is 5 km long and is both walkable and accessible via bicycle/scooter. The photographs are displayed in custom-made outdoor carriers with the ambition to maintain a continuous presentation of works by various authors in the open-air spaces of our town.

Brought to you by:: Bratislava Tourist Board (BTB) & the City of Bratislava
Concept and Curation:: Vladimír Grežo
In Collaboration with:: Anton Šmotlák, Jr and Pavol Demeš
Installation Designer:: Arch. Pavol Andráško

This exhibition has been organised under the auspices of Matúš Vallo, the Mayor of Bratislava.

Preview some of the photographs

Propeller on the Danube, 1955

Joy in Petržalka, 1959

The Panorama of Bratislava, 1964

Michalská Stret, 1968