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The Symphony No. 4 by Ludwig van Beethoven has a difficult position in the context of the work of the composer; it stands between two „rocks“: the explosive Symphony No. 3 and the fatal Symphony No. 5. Although the sound of the fourth symphonic cycle is less pervasive, it offers a lot of marvellous moments, worthy of the ingenious author. While the Symphony No. 4 by Ludwig van Beethoven is a concentrate of positive thinking, on the contrary the Symphony No. 13 by Dmitri Shostakovich is an essence of pessimism and scepticism. Babi Yar is a chasm at the edge of Kiev and during the war massacres of Jews, Roma people and prisoners of war took place here. It is less known that Shostakovich chose this subtitle symbolically; also Stalin massacred his people and in the former Soviet Union there were several such „deadly chasms“.

Slovak Philharmonic
Slovak Philharmonic Choir (male choir)
Juraj Valčuha conductor
Jozef Chabroň choirmaster
Petr Migunov bass

Ludwig van Beethoven  Symphony No. 4 in B flat major, Op. 60
Dmitri Shostakovich  Symphony No. 13 in B flat minor, Op. 113 Babi Yar

Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic
22nd November 2018 and 23rd November 2018 at 7 pm

The concert on 23rd November 2018 is followed by a public interview with the performing artists.



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