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Concert of film music

The highlight of Opera Fest at the castle will delight with a number of notoriously well-known and popular compositions

At the concert at Bratislava Castle, the large symphony orchestra will perform a number of titles from a wide range of genres of film and television music.

The programme of the final concert of Opera Fest at the Castle includes melodies by world composers – Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Elmer Bernstein’s The Magnificent Seven, Horner’s Titanic, as well as Morricone’s Once Upon a Time in the West.

You can look forward to a selection of Williams’ tunes for Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, or the touching melody from Schindler’s List. There will also be the most iconic film composition of all time – Star Wars. The hearts of Czech film fans will be delighted by the well-known melodies from the films The Proud Princess, You Are a Widow, Sir and The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians.

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