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Take a chance to see Alex Zelina’s and Radovan Dranga’s artwork in ATELIER XIII from March 18 until April 22

During exhibition, you can hear a music set created out of songs of a music group Emphase.

Alex and Radovan create objects full of cables, lights, natural materials, all supported by music and sound. They picture our nightmares, where the world has changed to visions of a dystopian future.

They created their own concept. They stick to the basic idea: technology is becoming more natural to us than nature itself. A world where nature has to adapt to technology to survive. The idea is to show where we, as humanity, can end up. In a time when technology starts to be more natural for us than living forms.

Objects are inspired by nature, sci-fi worlds, computer games, visualizations generated by neural networks (AI) and climate crisis statistics. They build fictional worlds and living creatures, whose basic building material is human waste. Plastics, cables, technology… These creatures follow instinct and adapt to survive. We play gods, but nature wins.

Emphase is an audiovisual project created by a combination of two artists, Patrik Bitter and Gábor Szűcs. By its expression, Emphase accentuates the balance between beautiful melodies and dark rhythms of the melodic techno scene. With a combination of songs from publishers such as Afterlife, DNC Limited, Hypnus, Oddity, but also from Emphase’s own work and songs from lesser-known producers, it wants to constantly bring new and new musical combinations and discoveries from this underground scene.